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Dr. Marcia has as her dream to bring quality holistic veterinary care to the animals of the gulf coast. Her extensive training in holistic  veterinary medicine makes her uniquely qualified to treat even the most advanced illnesses with natural remedies. She is one of a handful of veterinarians in the country who have completed both the Veterinary Acupuncture Course and the Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy.

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Holistic veterinary medicine is a specific approach to treating illness that views the animal as a whole being, not a group of various symptoms. The goal of holistic veterinary medicine is to bring the body naturally back into balance, through appropriate diet, natural remedies and treatments that may include: homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and specific nutritional supplements. In this way, the body is given the tools it needs to heal itself. The result is a slow and gentle return to health and wellness.

Dr. Marcia DuBois Martin graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990.  Once in practice, it didn't take her long to realize that drugs and vaccines didn't hold the keys to health for her patients and she began to seek out other methods of creating and maintaining wellness.  The first modality that she studied was Veterinary Acupuncture. She completed the International Veterinary Acupucture Course in 2003. She was certified in veterinary acupuncture later that same year.   Dr. Marcia then studied equine osteopathy and non-force chiropractic techniques. But, she found her true calling when she attended her first Veterinary Homeopathic meeting in Miami in 2006. After this brief introduction to veterinary homeopathy, she chose to study with Dr. Richard Pitcairn. In 2009, she became one of just a few veterinarians to complete the Professional course in Veterinary Homeopathy. Dr. Marcia's "less is more" approach to animal health and wellbeing has earned her the respect of her colleagues, clients and patients. She has written numerous articles on natural animal healthcare for such magazine as: Natural Horse, Texas Horse Talk, Animal Wellness and Feline Wellness. She has also acted as consultant to Gallery Thoroughbred Racing and Cavalia.

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